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1 |  What is fractional/portfolio marketing?

Typically businesses will hire fractional marketing resource when they need the role and expertise of an interim or project based consultant, but may not need or have the budget for someone in a full-time capacity.

2 |  Why hire fractional marketing leadership resource?

Hiring fractional marketing leadership resource enables the hiring of an experienced, cost-effective, objective and impartial marketing leader in a low-risk and timely manner; without the added costs of a full-time employee, such as benefits, equipment and office space.

3 |  What would a fractional marketing leader do?

A fractional marketing leader would define the marketing strategy; translate marketing strategy into execution; lead the marketing team; and drive customer acquisition, retention and growth.

4 |  What is the difference between a fractional marketing leader and an interim marketing leader?

An interim marketing leader is typically brought on board for a temporary often full-time position, serving as a stop-gap while a permanent marketing leader is being sought. A fractional marketing leader can serve as a more permanent member of your leadership team on a part-time basis if a full-time leader is not required.

5 |  Who does Hill House Marketing typically work with?

Hill House Marketing typically works with SaaS / technology marketing leaders, marketing teams, CEOs and founders from start-ups, scale-ups to established B2B companies. Often clients have a marketing team in place or want to build an internal team.

6 |  How much does fractional marketing resource cost?

A day rate is agreed based upon the level of expertise required, scope of engagement, length of engagement, and geographic location. You’ll pay a fraction of the cost compared to a full-time marketing leader’s compensation. You’ll only make one payment per month and there are no hidden charges.

7 |  How much time does a fractional resource typically spend in the business?

Usually a set number of days a month is agreed in advance. That time commitment can increase or decrease allowing you to stay in control. Typically, it’s a minimum of 4-5 days a month depending upon the type of engagement.

8 |  Can an interim / project-based consultant / advisor work remotely?

Working remotely isn’t a problem for most businesses, particularly when collaborating with team members across the globe. However, hybrid working is useful when leading/working with team members.

9 |  How does Hill House Marketing address the potential breadth of marketing requirements?

Our broad marketing foundation coupled with deep domain expertise, comes from 30+ years’ experience building high growth EMEA and global SaaS / technology businesses. Where required, additional skills can be applied through leveraging a network of vendors, agency partners and freelance consultants who can be introduced to you and/or managed.

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